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Workshop Overview

This workshop is unique in that it covers the entire website development cycle. Generally, a class will cover a specific application or integrate two or more applications. However, there are many gaps that the students are left to fill-in themselves. For example, once the web site is complete, how is it placed on the Internet? What is the difference between a Host and an ISP? How can people find the website? This workshop will cover the entire development cycle, leaving each participant with a completed website posted on the Internet.

The workshop is very hands-on. It is anticipated that there will be a diverse group with respect to computer literacy. The workshop has been designed in such a way that no knowledge of any particular software is required. Basic computer skills, such as familiarity with a mouse and the Windows or MAC operating systems will be required.

Facility Requirements

Students must have their own computer workstation. The workstations can be either MAC or PC (or some of each). Each workstation must have a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. It is desirable that each student have Internet access at his or her workstation.

While not required, a scanner in the classroom is highly desirable.

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