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To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Rolf Andersen for the last nine years, first as a fellow instructor at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and more recently as the Director of the Graphic & Interactive Design Program at UC Berkeley Extension. As fellow instructors at the Academy of Art College Rolf and I would often guest lecture in each other's classes. I became very familiar with his rigorous and methodical teaching methods and was highly impressed by the excellent results he got from his students. When I took the job at UC Extension in 2001 Rolf was my first new instructor hire.

Looking to expand the scope of the Graphic & Interactive Design program I felt it necessary to add a digital color theory class to complement our existing Color Theory studio class. I knew Rolf was the man for the job and I hired him to develop the syllabus, confidant that he would design a comprehensive, entertaining, and information-packed course of study. Rolf taught Color Theory 2 for the first time in Summer 2002, and since that time it has become a popular class and one for which enrollments are consistently high.

Rolf brings the same enthusiasm, energy, and thoroughness to his Illustrator and Photoshop classes and has exhibited the impressive work of his students in our annual Student Show. Rolf is truly dedicated to lifelong learning and, concurrent with his teaching commitments, he is continually taking classes and workshops to expand his knowledge and to keep his skills current. He is always willing to attend and participate in faculty meetings and to give lively and inspiring presentations to prospective students at our bi-annual Open Houses.

I can, without reservation, recommend Rolf for any teaching position in the field of fine and graphic arts.


Nigel French, Program Director
Graphic & Interactive Design

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