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Rolf started already at an early age to collage printed images and other flat items together. Soon after - if he couldn't find the images he needed - he started to draw or paint them himself.

Starting a third career, Rolf studied Fine Art at The Art Students League in New York City. As an artist, he has since worked with etchings, lithography, drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings. His work has appeared regularly in galleries in several cities and various publications both in the United States and Europe.

Rolf has a tremendous curiosity and appetite for life and he is constantly in search of new ways to communicate his vision. Although he is classically trained, his desire is always to stay in touch with the times in which he lives - the time of today. Contemporary tools such as the use of computers during the last 14 years has been included into his repertoire and he is constantly looking for new ways to create personal concepts.