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3D & 2D: Trailer - Sound 01:21
"NORIGO" - is a video game somewhere out in space where the players compete using only the power of their minds

2D: After Effects - Sound 01:12
"SunShine" - is a 2D animation designed in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects

3D: Motion Capture - Sound 00:44
"The Dance" - is created with Vicon iQ - Motion Capture, MotionBuilder and staged in Maya

Flash Animations - Sound
"A Spiritual Path" - is interactive animations where the player move the curser over the screen to reveal hidden treasures and sounds

GIF Animations
GIF animations are used as subtle transitions between colors and shapes

3D: After Effects - Sound 01:02
"Etude #1" - is designed in Photoshop, animated in After Effects and projected on to a flat surface in Maya

3D & 2D: Animations - Sound 03:02
"In the Year 1881" - is created in Maya and After Effects

3D&2D Trailer
2D After Effects
3D Motion Tracking
Flash Animations
GIF Animations
3D After Effects
3D&2D Animations