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Rolf-Design believes:
The primary emphasis of any design is to communicate.
The priority is that viewers can quickly read the text and navigate their way through the website with ease. A second, but equally important, emphasis is to minimize download time.

The website of Rolf-Design is designed in Adobe Photoshop CS, compressed in Adobe ImageReady CS, and reassembled in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX mostly as HTML documents. Purposely the website is kept simple, avoiding anything that would extend download time. Macromedia Flash is only used under the section called Animation.

The primary navigation bar is on all pages in the upper left corner so the user can easily navigate through the website.

Shapes of circles, curves, and thin straight lines are the overall theme of the website. To emphasize the text as the focal point it's placed inside a circle. Thin straight and curved lines are used as alignments.

All the body text is black on a white background making the text easy to read. The white circles are surrounded with a pleasing middle value green to minimize glare from the screen. Green, white, black, and gray is the chosen color theme.

To emphasize the artwork and animations, they are placed on black pages with text and alignment lines of middle gray value. The colors of the rollover buttons are dark green - again to stay within the color theme.

Download time:
The entire website repeats its design to avoid using frame settings. All sets of buttons are placed inside a table setting and re-used by nesting them inside each page. This contributes to faster downloading once the browser has saved it into memory.