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Rolf-Design is a one-man, multi-faceted design firm with a technical team of highly skilled free-lancers. It offers creative services encompassing illustration, decorative design, fine art, and web design.

Rolf, the creative director and founder of Rolf-Design, earned a BFA in fashion commercial photography in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the Danish Broadcasting Corporation he earned a second BFA in film editing and sound recording. He continued working as a senior film editor for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation for 13 years.

Simultaneously Rolf gained cultural insights via extensive world travel and relocated to New York City where he studied Fine Art. In 1990, he fell in love with the Macintosh and continued working as an illustrator, photo retoucher, graphic designer and did prepress computer color correction.

Rolf frequently instructed fine art, illustration, web design, and digital color theory at various colleges.

For more details see: "Resume".